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A one-to-one lesson with Diane Nikolic is a great gift to anyone who wishes to learn more about morning and evening make up that suits their own particular features. Individual attention is guaranteed as the person is able to practice make-up application on themselves with the best tips directly from Diane Nikolic.


Whether the person is new to makeup or looking to refine their skills, Diane will guide them through step-by-step techniques tailored to their unique features and preferences. During the 90-minute or 120-minute session, Diane will share her expertise, teaching professional techniques for flawless foundation application, eye makeup, contouring, highlighting, and more. Your loved one can gain valuable insights into skin care, makeup techniques, product selection and colour coordination. With Diane's expert guidance, they'll learn how to create stunning makeup looks that enhance their individual style and confidence. A great way to unlock a person's beauty potential as they leave with newfound skills to effortlessly recreate their desired looks at home.


90mins one to one makeup lesson with Diane Nikolic €85

120mins one to one makeup lesson with Diane Nikolic €115





Upon receiving the voucher, the person is advised to call us on 2143 6332 to fix an appointment on their preferred date and time. 

One-to-One Make-up Lesson with Diane Nikolic

  • A great gift for any make-up lover! Especially suitable for anyone who would like to improve make-up skills by learning tricks directly from a celebrity make-up artist.


    The One-to One Make-up lessons take place at Diane Nikolic Beauty Clinic in Mosta.


    The person receiving the voucher needs to call the salon on 2143 6332 to book an appointment.




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