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Liquid Eye Designer

  • Liquid eyeliner with precision felt tip for a plain but beautifully shaped eyelid line.


    The color-rich Liquid Eye Designer with precision felt tip guarantees an expressive gaze. Due to the soft and flexible felt tip, the application is particularly simple and variable. For beautifully shaped lid lines from ultra-fine to dramatic. The color-rich liner with ample covering power makes eyelashes appear denser. The liner dries fast. It is free of perfumes and suitable for sensitive eyes. Paraben free.

    Application note:
    Before the application, blot off any excess liner at the container rim. Apply the Liquid Eye Designer to the upper eyelash base. We recommend removing the liner using the Eye Make up Remover Gel made by Make up Factory.

    Beauty note:
    Most eyes look most beautiful when the liner is applied in a line, which widens toward the outer corners of the eyes. Simply add a line or two as you move the liner toward the outer corner of the eye.

  • Once opened and unsealed items cannot be returned.

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