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You Are Magic Gift Pack

  • A collection of our most inspiring products to create a whirlwind of magical aromas.


    This Gift Pack Contains:


    Going Dotty Blaster - Welcome to a beautiful chaos created with love, laughter and a glug of pure Geranium & Amyris essential oils! Let the colours dance in the bath to spark creativity and inspiration.


    Flying Colours Soap-A floral scented soap made with romantic rose and geranium essential oils. Blow away the dark clouds and fill your bathroom full of wonder and merriment.


    Totally Tropical Creamer-Travel to a tropical paradise, a pristine island of palms and slowing tinkling streams of fresh water, beaches carressed by the gentle waves, sand rolled smooth and dusted with the aromas that surround you.


    Walking on Rainbows Blaster-Blow away the dark clouds and fill your bathroom full of wonder and merriment as you tiptoe into a magical world full of pure Clary Sage & Amyris essential oils.


    Llama Mia Mallow-Llama mia, here I go again my my, how can I resist you? This fluffy friend, with cinnamon and Jasmine essential oils, is the cutest mallow you ever did melt!


    Bomb Cosmetics use real essential oils in their products. Apart from being 100% handmade goodies, look, and smell nothing short of amazing, they also all contain great skincare ingredients.

    Bomb Cosmetics products have NEVER been tested on animals!

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