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XOXO Gift Pack

  • Hugs & kisses filled with pure essential oils that will leave you feeling like a queen ready to hit the town! This gift pack is all about embracing your inner goddess, indulging your senses, and letting your true beauty shine.


    This Gift Pack Contains:

    Scent With Love Bath Blaster - Bathe in ultimate luxury as the pure Rose and Cedarwood essential oils create the most romantic bath yet! Scented with velvety Rose and rich Oudh scents.

    Crazy Cupid Soap - Crazy Cupid will send you head over heels with exciting fragrances and body enrichingessential oils of Lavender, Chamomile and enough Ylang Ylang to make even a nun feel nervous.

    Crazy Stupid Love Bath Blaster - A crazy stupid night in for two? Thanks to the Cocoa and Shea butter swirl on top, this Blaster will leave your skin soft and moisturised! With a passion flower scent and pure Jasmine and Ylang Ylang essential oils to seduce your mood and senses.

    Bring on the Bubbly Mallow - Celebrate after a long day and pour yourself a bath time cocktail! This Bath Mallow is full of mood boosting bergamot & ylang ylang essential oils, and a fizzy fragrance which will fill your water and raise your spirits! Watch as it slowly melts, releasing a creamy like state. Cocoa and shea butter is the perfect treat for your skin, leaving it silky soft!

    Rose Creamer - With a light, contemporary floral fragrance, this Bomb Cosmetics Bath Creamer has also been rolled by hand in finest quality Moroccan Rose Petals. A sophisticated blend of floral notes, combining rose and jasmine for the fragrance heart and geranium and neroli top notes.


    Bomb Cosmetics use real essential oils in their products. Apart from being 100% handmade goodies, look, and smell nothing short of amazing, they also all contain great skincare ingredients.

    Bomb Cosmetics products have NEVER been tested on animals!

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