Rekawica Hammam Natural Linen Glove

  • Rekawica Hammam - Natural Linen Glove


    The glove is used in the Moroccan hamman treatment. Used in a skillful way, it smoothes the body and improves blood circulation. The skin after the treatment is firm and elastic.

    The effect of using the glove:

    • It exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells
    • It improves blood circulation and provides micro drainage
    • Removes and prevents cellulite

    Storage: after each use, rinse the glove thoroughly with a mild cleaning agent. Then wring out the glove and set it aside to dry. 

    Directions for use: Massage with a glove should be performed no more than twice a week. First, moisten the body with water for about 5 minutes, then do the same with the glove, squeeze it out of the excess water and massage the body from the bottom up (massage should always be done towards the heart) with circular movements. It is normal that during the massage you can see the fibers of the dead skin and slight redness, it means that the treatment brings the desired results. Do not massage too intensively in areas where the skin is too sensitive.





    100% Natural

    Certified ISO 22716/ECO Cert

    Vegan OK

    Nacomi do not use Microbeads

    Not Tested on Animals


  • Once opened and unsealed items cannot be returned.