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Pugs & Kisses Wash Bag

  •  Introducing our new range of fun wash bags made from a high quality, organic cotton! These wash bags are great for all ages and can be used and re-used for lots of different items – particularly storing your Bomb goodies!

    Sending lots of pugs & kisses! Introducing our cute Pugs & Kisses Wash Bag, full of sweet fragrances and essential oils! 

    A great gift for all ages, this bag of goodies is particularly suited for birthdays as it contains luxurious cake inspired Bomb Cosmetics products, and the high quality, organic cotton bag can be used afterwards.

    Bag contains:-

    Happy Bath-Day Bath Blaster - A beautiful bath bomb, infused with clary sage and ylang ylang essential oils, which along with the cocoa and shea butters, creates a red velvet cake aroma, perfect for celebratory birthday bath!

    Party Popper Bath Blaster - Infused with ylang ylang and sweet orange essential oils, cocoa and shea butter, this luxuriously moisturising bath bomb smells good enough to eat.

    Make a Wish Mallow - Contains a blend of cocoa and shea butters, infused with rosemary and cedarwood essential oils, which means instead of fizzing like a bath blaster, it will slowly and luxuriously melt, releasing moisturising butters onto your skin.

    Vanilla Shower Mixer and Cookie Shower Mixer - Place at the bottom of your shower and watch as your shower mixers fizz away releasing the intense aroma and essential oils! Warning: Please rinse your shower after use to prevent accidental staining.

    One Smart Cookie Lip Balm - Protect your lips with this specially formulated cookie fragranced lip balm, to leave them hydrated for hours.

    Hand in the Cookie Jar Hand Cream - A intensely creamy hand treatment with pure bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils, to naturally hydrate and condition your hands. A warm fruity accord with lush cherry, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry mixed with a rich mouth watering milk cookie fragrance smoothed by vanilla pod and hints of creamy coconut, white chocolate and a whisper of fresh candyfloss.


    Bomb Cosmetics use real essential oils in their products. Apart from being 100% handmade goodies, look, and smell nothing short of amazing, they also all contain great skincare ingredients.

    Bomb Cosmetics products have NEVER been tested on animals!

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