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OMG! Gift Pack

  • OMG, get ready for a gift-giving experience like no other! Our handmade gift pack is a delightful blend of creativity and joy, wrapped up in a box full of essential oils. 


    This Gift Pack Contains:

    OMG Bath Blaster - Woah! This bath bomb has it all going on! Buttery piping, bright colours, mango scents and pure Mandarin and Orange essential oils. Er, yes please!

    Tropic Like It's Hot Soap - Keepin' it real with the scent of the tropics! With fresh Grapefruit & Coconut oils this soap star will stimulate the senses and help you keep your rhythm all night.

    Going Wild Bath Blaster - Immerse yourself in the wild and untamed beauty of the jungle as the pure Grapefruit & Rosemary essential oils awaken your senses and unleash your
    adventurous side.

    Shake Your Tail Feather Mallow - Twist it! Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it baby! We've got all in a flap and our pretty polly has got us grooving! With Grapefruit & Mandarin essential oils the parrot party never stops!

    Flower Power Creamer - Take a walk through the wild flower meadows and join the floral frenzy. With Rose and Geranium essential oils, this petal packed creamer will do nothing but pamper you!


    Bomb Cosmetics use real essential oils in their products. Apart from being 100% handmade goodies, look, and smell nothing short of amazing, they also all contain great skincare ingredients.

    Bomb Cosmetics products have NEVER been tested on animals!

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