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Musk Rose Oil 30ml

    • Indications: Gelified Rose Musk oil. Regenerating, moisturizing and anti-aging. It promotes cell regeneration, moisturizing and skin’s recovery. It improves skin’s appearance when there is acne, scars, stretch marks, aging, dryness, itchiness and after dermatological and post-peeling.

    • Benefits: Musk Rose helps to regenerate the skin, smoothes wrinkles and leaves the skin feeling toned and moisturized. It restores skin’s tone and elasticity. It improves the appearance of scars. This non-greasy gel increases the density of the coat of oil without leaving a greasy film on the skin.

    • How to use: Once or twice a day, apply 3-4 drops of oil and massage until it is totally absorbed. Also recommended for very dry skin types to increase hydration before applying your daily cream. It is very effective to regulate the moisturizing properties of any cream.

    • Actives: Musk Rose oil, Vitamin E

  • Once opened and unsealed items cannot be returned.

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