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Multisolution (Sponge + Sponge Cleanser +Mixing Plate + Stick)

  • This Multi solution Kit by Character includes a Beauty sponge, Sponge cleanser & mixing plate.

    Your makeup sponges are used in every makeup session. After every makeup session, they need more than just water to be cleaned. Cleaning makeup sponges with this cleanser is very easy. It cleans all the grime and tough stains, cleaning up all traces of make-up effortlessly. Formulated with cleansing ingredients and conditioning elements, this cleanser can be used every day without any worries. It not only keeps sponges ready for the next use but also makes them last longer. 

    Creating a micture of your favourite make-up products is no longer a messy task with Character's Mixing Plate. This product is specially designed and precisely made to help you mix and match makeup products, especially foundations and concealers.



    • Multi-purpose use.
    • 3 in 1 solution for makeup needs.
    • Unique and multi-functional beauty blender sponge.
    • Ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

    How To Use:

    • Use the mixing plate to make a mixture of foundation & concealer​​​​​​.
    • Use Beauty Sponge for makeup application.
    • Then use a sponge cleanser to clean excess makeup.


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