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Liquid Eye Liner

  • Liquid eyeliner with bevelled 2-in-1 tip


    The bevelled felt tip makes a versatile, variable lid line. With the bevelled tip you can draw thin or thick lines depending on how you hold it. The Full Dimension Liquid Liner also dries quickly, is long-lasting and leaves a silky matte finish.

    Jet black pigments enable immediate and thorough colour transfer right from the first application. 

    The practical eyeliner is easy even for the inexperienced to use as it is comfortable to hold.


    The eyeliner can be applied before or after eyeshadow. Close tightly after each use. If you hold the eyeliner horizontally you get thin lines of 0.6mm while holding it vertically you get flat lines up to 3.0mm.


    We recommend using the Even More Volume Mascara in combination with this eyeliner. It gives your lashes extreme volume, fullness and length.


    Available in Black.

  • Once opened and unsealed items cannot be returned.

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