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Having a Meltdown - Bath Blaster

  • Having a Meltdown Bath Blaster is the perfect bath-time companion to help you unwind after a long day. Drop this beautiful bath blaster into a hot bath and let yourself sink into the beautiful waters. Surround yourself with energetic cleansing essential oils.

    This Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster will make your bath evermore relaxing and give you the feeling of a cosy pampering that you well and truly deserve. This is because essential oils can have a relaxing and uplifting effect on your mood!


    Bath Blaster Fragrance Notes:

    • Spearmint
    • Peppermint


    Product Information:

    • Not tested on animals
    • Weight: 160g
    • Please be aware as yummy as I look, I am not edible so don't attempt to eat me!
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