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Floral Therapy Egg Set Gift Pack

  • 6 egg shaped natural bath bombs, made with natural ingredients and real botanicals.

    Plastic free.

    Drop Bath Blaster into the bath & watch as it fizzes away!


    Cornflower blaster : I smell like...Vintage Rosehip! With Vetiver & Geranium pure essential oils!

    Lavender and Chamomile blaster: I smell like... Black Jasmine! With Chamomile & Jasmine pure essential oils!

    Lavender blaster:  I smell like... Lavender! With Rosemary & Lavender pure essential oils!

    Marigold blaster:  I smell like... Milk & Honey! With Chamomile & Ylang Ylang pure essential oils!

    Rose and Chamomile blaster:  I smell like... Fruit, Flowers! With Sweet Orange & Ylang Ylang pure essential oils!

    Rose blaster: I smell like...Rose & Oudh! With Rose & Geranium pure essential oils!


    Bomb Cosmetics use real essential oils in their products. Apart from being 100% handmade goodies, look, and smell nothing short of amazing, they also all contain great skincare ingredients.

    Bomb Cosmetics products have NEVER been tested on animals!

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