Swedish Massage


The “classic” massage that soothes your muscles and helps you relax. The therapist uses soft gliding strokes that help to ease muscular strain, improve circulation and reduce emotional and physical stress.


Shiatsu / Deep Tissue Massage


During these massages firm pressure is applied to reach deeper layers of muscle in order to treat chronic aches, stiffness and tightness. The therapist uses fingers, knuckles, hands and elbows to apply pressure on specific points.



Balinese Massage


Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and "qi" (energy) around your body, bringing a sense of wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation.


Volcanic Hot Stone Massage


The localized heat and weight of the hot stones placed on specific points on your body, warm and relax muscles, allowing the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure to those areas without causing discomfort.


Herbal Poultice Massage


Round bags of cloth filled with a special blend of herbs and oils are steamed and pressed onto fatigued muscles, inducing relaxation. The therapeutic warmth of the herbal oils relieves muscle and joint pain, increases circulation, and provides nourishment to the skin.


Aromatherapy Massage


Fragrant theapeutic essential oils are used to activate healing properties in your body. Whether you need to relax, ease muscle tension, ramp up your immune system or detoxify your body, essential oil added to a carrier oil can help alleviate most symptoms.


Lomi Lomi Massage


A traditional Hawaiian massage using a combination of massage techniques to work gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes. Oils are usually used as moisturisers to keep the strokes smooth while nourishing the skin.


Prenatal Massage


During pregnancy, massages not only help you relax, but may also relieve insomnia, joint pain, neck and back pain, leg cramping and sciatica. They can also reduce swelling in hands and feet and alleviate headaches and sinus congestion — all common pregnancy problems.


Lymphatic Massage


This is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body, to remove build-up of waste and toxins that cause swelling. Lymphatic drainage massages can benefit people with lymphedema, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.


Slimming / Cellulite Massage


The focus is on areas with cellulite. Special techniques of pinching and rolling are used to break down the underlying fat. This activation process increases blood circulation and the flow of energy, stimulating the slimming process.


Indian Head Massage


Based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, this popular massage works on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face. It helps to  ease a variety of stress-related conditions, alleviate headaches, blocked sinuses and eye strains, as well as relieve muscular tension.


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage


The treatment focuses on the build-up of stress and muscle tension in all areas around the neck, shoulders and across the back. The therapist works on stiff areas to loosen any muscular knots commonly located between the shoulder blades and top of the shoulders. 




Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet,  hands, and ears. It’s based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems.  




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