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Anti-Hairloss Shampoo

  • To care and prevent hair loss. It improves devitalized hair.


    • Indications: Recommended to wash hair prone to excess hair loss. It can be used as an adjuvant with other specific care shampoos.

    • Benefits: This shampoo with Collagen, Panthenol and Horsetail improves the hair’s condition and restores its natural elasticity. Ginseng, Vitamin B6 and Sage stimulate hair growth while Equisetum and Quinine prevent hair loss.

    • How to use: Apply on wet hair by giving a gentle massage until you make a lot of foam and then let it work for a few minutes. You can use it on a daily basis or as an adjuvant with other hair specific care shampoos.

    • Actives: Vitamin B6, Quinine, Ginseng extract, Horsetail, Sage extract, Natural Collagen, Panthenol, Repairing Silicones, Neutral base

  • Once opened and unsealed items cannot be returned.

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